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Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is located in the center of the Indochina Peninsula. It covers an area of about 500,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 60 million. Thailand is divided into 5 regions. For north is the high mountain jungle zone and east region has many tourist attraction such as Pattaya, north east is the plateau terrain, the main plains in the central region are fertile, rich in rice and fruits and the southern peninsula is fascinating with island scenery. The residents of Thailand are composed of many ethnic groups, mainly Thai, Mongolian, Khmer, Lao, Chinese, Malay, Persian and Indian. Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons a year: November to February is the cool season, March to May is summer, and June to October is the rainy season.

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  • Thai Real Estate Has Freehold Property Rights

Foreigners can enjoy the same rights as the resident of Thailand, own freehold property rights in Thai real estate, and pass on the family line.

  • Thai Real Estate Is Basically Well-decorated

Most of the off-plan apartments in the apartments are well-decorated, equipped with floors, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, built-in wardrobes, etc. Some of the developers will also giving refrigerators.

  • High Rental Yield

The average annual rental return for apartments in central Thailand is around 5-8% of the house price, and up to 15% in some places.

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