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Taiwan, a treasure island with a total area of about 36,000 square kilometers and have different cultural customs in all seasons. Two-thirds of Taiwan is distributed with high mountain forests, and the other parts are composed of hills, plateau highlands, coastal plains, and basins. Taiwan is like spring all year round, with an average annual temperature of about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is often above 10 degrees, and it can reach about 35 degrees at the hottest time in winter. In addition, Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters and Chinese as its official languages, and the citizens also use Taiwanese and Hakka dialects for communication.

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Gross Domestic Product

If you live in Taiwan for 183 days in a year, you will become a Taiwanese tax resident, and you must file tax returns like a Taiwanese.


Tax rate:Progressive tax rate 5%, 12%, 20%, 30%, 40%

Declaration:May every year

Foreign income:a family must declare together, and each declarer has an annual tax allowance of 6.7 million.

Non-Taiwan tax residents (have not lived for 183 days in a year)

Tax rate:salary 6% or 18% / dividend 21% / other income 20%

Declaration:Within 10 days from the date of payment

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