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Taiwan‘s Health Care

According to the latest Health Care Index ranking published by the global database website "Numbeo", Taiwan has won the championship with 86.71 points for 4 consecutive times. This is also the sixth time that Taiwan has won first place in the ranking. Taiwan’s medical standards are among the best, which is related to the National Health Insurance and Taiwan’s education system. Medical students in Taiwan need seven years of education and training to become physicians. In order to ensure complete medical care and examination of patients, the medical equipment is also closely attached to European and American countries. In addition, as long as you immigrate to Taiwan 6 months later, you can get the world-renowned universal health insurance.


Reasonable Price

Taiwan's medical has innovative medical technology and equipment, but the price of surgery is relatively reasonable, and the cost is lower than that of other countries. However, under relative medical conditions, the highest level of medical technology can be used as a prerequisite to reduce the financial burden of customers.

With International Medical Standards

Most medical centers and regional hospitals in Taiwan are certified by the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), which originated from the American system. In addition, as of 2016, a total of 18 medical institutions in Taiwan have passed the United States JCI International Hospital Accreditation (Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation).

High-tech Medical Equipment

Taiwan uses the most advanced medical equipment to provide comprehensive care and prevention. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as of 2014, Taiwan has 43 positron imaging equipment (PET), 200 nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) and 357 tomography scanners (CT), and introduced the first medical particle therapy equipment in 2015.