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Taiwan‘s Education

According to the 2021 World University Rankings announced by the Times World University Rankings, a total of 35 universities in Taiwan entered the list, and Cheng Kung University ranked first in Taiwan, ranking 101 to 200 in the world. The second is National Taiwan University; followed by Tsinghua University, Kaohsiung Medical University, and Taipei Medical University.


The educational system of higher education in Taiwan is divided into general universities, independent colleges, technical universities, and technical colleges. Bachelor's study is based on the principle of 4 years, and the internship will be increased from half a year to 2 years according to actual needs. The master's degree in the research institute is 1 to 4 years, and the doctoral degree is 2 to 7 years.


University departments are divided into three categories: liberal arts, law, business, education, society, communication and management departments; science, engineering, technology, information; and medicine, agriculture, and biology departments.


Multiple Department Selection

Universities in Taiwan have been developing in the direction of diversification and globalization, providing students with as many as 18 disciplines including science, art, architecture and humanities.


Although Chinese is Taiwan’s national language, English is actually Taiwan’s primary foreign language, schools at all levels also compulsory students learning English courses. In addition, some schools have free choice of language courses for after-school classes, such as Hakka, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Malay, etc.

Lower Study And Living Expenses

Compared with some Western countries, the cost of studying in Taiwan is lower, so you don't have to worry about excessive living expenses and tuition. Many schools also offer students to apply for grants and scholarships.