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Since our inception in 2007, Aubella has been committed to bridging you to your good life in Malaysia.


Aubella is founded and led by Vincent Fong. We consult and support both individuals and families in acquiring Malaysia My Second Home visas. We are here to assist you and offer you the best experience throughout the process. 

Aubella headquarters in Penang, Malaysia, is a professional agency that assists the Malaysian government in promoting Malaysia as the preferred destination for Malaysia My Second Home. The company has served hundreds of expats who chose Malaysia for retirement, investment, education, health care or just as a place to enjoy their life.

We actively serve our clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Australia, UK, US, Japan, and other promising markets.


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Answer customer queries as they arrive (within 2 hours), other queries to be answered within 5 working days. All tasks must be assigned a definite deadline.

On Time Principle

All matters in the company must remain private and confidential. We will not divulge customer information to any third party without prior approval from the management team.

Private & Confidential

Provide a reasonable price for our service. We always know our customer needs, actively communicate with our management team from time to time, and offer tailor-made service to our clients.

Reasonable Price Guarantee

By upholding our company philosophy, we simplify all matters to their core value as much as possible. Simplicity cannot be a lack of detail or poor vision. We provide clear and concise solutions yet taking all relevant factors into consideration to keep things simple.

Keep It Simple

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