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Hong Kong, Macao Residents Investment Immigration To Taiwan

Application Qualifications And Conditions

Identity definition of "Hong Kong and Macao residents"

The amount of investment in Taiwan reaches 200,000 US dollars

Investment in Taiwan has been reviewed and approved by the competent authority

No criminal record within five years

Medical Check-up

Taiwanese Guarantor

Residency Conditions

1 Year

(More than 335 days)

2 Years
(More than 270 days)

3 Years
(More than 183 days)

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Basic Procedures For Residence Application

  • Interview assessment

  • Company name pre-checking

  • Investment plan

  • Registration of Taiwan Company / Bank Account Opening

  • The investment plan verify completed

  • Bank foreign exchange settlement & medical check-up & apply for Taiwan unified certificate number

  • Company establishment completed

  • Apply for a residence permit & Internal Revenue Service interviews & Transfer the company's preparatory account to the official account & Residency in Taiwan at least one year

  • Settlement

Foreign Investment Residence in Taiwan

Investment Requirements

  • Investors who have an investment of a certain amount (200,000 US dollars) or more in Taiwan and are approved or available for inspection by the competent authority of the central purpose enterprise or the representative of a foreign legal person investor.

  • The person in charge of a foreign company in Taiwan approved under the company law

Residence Requirements

To apply for permanent residence, foreigners are require to stay legally and continuously in Taiwan for five years, residence for more than 183 days each year and apply within two years after the period expires.

Accompanying Family Members Immigrating To Taiwan

Permanent residence can be apply when the spouse and minor children meet the requirements of legally staying in Taiwan for five consecutive years and staying in Taiwan for more than 183 days each year.

Foreign Investment Immigration To Taiwan

Entrepreneur Investment

  • Method of establishment or capital increase​

  • ​Invest in a local company for more than TWD 1,000,000

  • Provide employment opportunities for 5 or more natives for 3 years

Government Bond Investment

  • Invest in central government bonds with a face value of TWD 30,000,000 or more for 3 years

  • A permanent residency permit can be obtained in 3 years without residency requirement

  • After obtaining permanent residency, spouse and children (below 18 years old) can apply for permanent residency

Both of the above methods can be naturalized and become Taiwanese
*Have to renounce their original nationality

Foreigners who have a domicile within the territory of the Taiwan and meet the following requirements may apply for naturalization

  • Legal residency for 183 days per year (more than 5 years)

  • Be at least 20 years old and have the capacity to act in accordance with the laws of the Taiwan

  • No criminal record

  • Proof of financial resources

  • Basic language skills and basic knowledge of national rights and obligations

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