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According to the 2021 Times World University Rankings, Thailand has 14 universities on the overall rankings of world university influence. The largest in the country is Mahidol University, which ranks between 601-800 in the world rankings. Mai University ranks second in the country and ranks between 801-1000 in the world. A total of 5 universities in Thailand are among the top 1,000.


The educational system of higher education in Thailand is 4 years, which is relatively close to that of the United States in terms of education system. Higher education is divided into four levels, with two to three years for junior colleges, four years for undergraduates, five to six years for some departments, two years for master's programs, and three years for doctoral programs. Both undergraduates and junior colleges enroll middle school graduates or those with equivalent academic ability, and can be admitted by examination and exemption.


The outstanding majors of Thai universities include: engineering technology, tourism service industry, agriculture, public health and health, humanities, literature and art, forestry, science, business administration, medicine, etc., and most university degrees have been more than ten years ago. Recognized by universities in developed countries.


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