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     The Malaysian education system offers a diverse range of learning pathways and opportunities, reflecting the multicultural nature of this country. This includes British and American-style education, as well as the UEC system in independent Chinese schools. Our high-quality educational resources and affordable tuition fees provide you and your children with more choices, eliminating confusion on the path to higher education. 

Upcoming Events

Family Educational Journey:
Exploring Penang

Dive into Malaysian education, savor local delicacies, and immerse in vibrant cultures. Experience the Malaysian way of life while your children enjoy a Summer Camp adventure.

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English Exploration Summer Camp

Experience the English in Action Day Camp program, crafted with UKLC, a leading language provider in the UK.

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Stay tuned for more exciting activities!



近年来,更多人选择马来西亚作为第二家园,是冀望孩子可以获得更好的教育,更多选择的未来。中国第二家园侨生更可以享有中国针对的侨生的优惠政策,另外也可以通过马来西亚升学世界名校。 其實,以一般私立學校的費用,就可以在馬來西亞的頂級國際學校遵循美國學制、英國學制、IB學制或者馬來西亞獨有的融合中英文教育的獨中課程,讓孩子不仅能够接受高水平的教学,还能拥有更轻松的升学条件。 这次线上研讨会将深入探讨马来西亚教育的特点,以及大马留学的优势: •⁠ ⁠马来西亚教育制度 •⁠ ⁠大马留学优势与条件 •⁠ ⁠毕业后升学机会 想要了解大马教育优势的大家,现在就马上报名活动并加入行事历吧,名额有限,先到先得!🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ 日期:2024年1月13日(六) 时间:10:00am(线上) 线上:通过Facebook / YouTube Live参加 主持人:MM2H Club 创办人 邝文政 Vincent 语言:中文/华语/普通话 ⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐ 查询/WhatsApp-:8193 1933 台湾贵宾line@咨询 预约个别咨询 (可选视频或亲临)-♂‍: FB 面子书专页-: 订阅我们的 YouTube 频道: YouTube ▶️:
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