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Thailand‘s Health Care

Thailand's medical and nursing capabilities, hospital management level and the development of the medical device and pharmaceutical industry are all leading in Southeast Asia. It has considerable strength in terms of physician skills, medical care capabilities, medical safety, or medical equipment supply capabilities. In 2014, Thailand was the world's largest country for foreigners that seeking medical treatment. At present, about 2.8 million people come to Thailand to receive medical services every year, about 40% of the global medical tourism market ! Thailand is the country that receives the most medical tourists in the world. There are many international hospitals that can provide medical tourism services, and provide international patients with language translation services from multiple countries to make communication barrier-free.


Thailand's Medical Level Is Recognized Worldwide

At present,  a total of 64 hospitals and clinics in Thailand have obtained JCI (the most authoritative standard for evaluating medical institutions, and the certificate issued by this institution is the "gold standard" for the medical level of global medical service providers) certification, except for the most among ASEAN countries, it’s also the 4th largest country in the world that proves Thailand’s comprehensive scores for medical technology and services are already in the first echelon in the world.

Low Medical Expenses

The cost of medical treatment in Thailand is lower compare with some Western countries. The price of the same treatment is usually 20-50% lower than in Western countries. Medical travelers can fully recover and recuperate in Thai hospitals with a small budget. In addition, the price of medical treatment in Thai hospitals is completely transparent, the various price details of different types of surgery and different treatment methods, the cost of surgery, the cost of testing, the cost of medication, hospitalization and etc can clearly to check.

Medical Environment Good

Private hospitals in Thailand are luxuriously decorated and have a beautiful environment. The interior is clean, comfortable, and quiet. When you walk into these hospitals, you will not smell the slightest smell of disinfectant, and there is no crowded or queued phenomenon. Thailand is a country with the highest service concept. Major hospitals are equipped with medical staff who understand Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages. Language communication barriers are not a problem at all.