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Malaysia‘s Education

In the 2021 Times World University Rankings announced the total influence of the world university rankings, a total of 15 universities in Malaysia have entered the list. The University of Malaya (UM) ranks first in Malaysia, ranking between 301-350. It is closely followed by the University of Raman (UTAR) ranked between 501-600, and the National University (UKM) ranked 601-800.


The Ministry of Education of Malaysia is the competent authority for higher education, which exercises the power of administrative approval for the establishment of higher education institutions. The courses offered by Malaysian higher education schools need to be approved by the Ministry of Education and the National Academic Accreditation Agency (MQA). Most universities in Malaysia teach in English. Some private university colleges and private colleges have set up dual courses that are in line with international standards. They have introduced higher education courses in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Students can be awarded universities in these countries after graduation. Bachelor degree or above, which is recognized by most countries in the world.


The Malaysian higher education system includes two parts: public and private. Public universities include public universities, public colleges and technical vocational colleges, and private universities include private universities, private university colleges, private colleges, and branch campuses of foreign universities. Public universities, private universities, private university colleges and some public colleges are qualified to issue college diplomas and above. 2-3 years for junior college, 3 years for undergraduate, 1-2 years for master's degree, and 2-6 years for doctoral degree.


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