Why Malaysia?

Of all the countries, why live in Malaysia?

Here are 7 reasons why Malaysia is the irresistible destination for your retirement


Internationally recommended

InternationalLiving.com’s annual Global Retirement Index 2014 has listed Malaysia as the third best place to retire for North Americans. According to InternationalLiving.com, Malaysia is the best place to retire in Asia.

Professional healthcare

Health care is essential. Top-notch hospitals and facilities are available especially in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Medical tourism is highly established in Penang.

Living Cost

Cost of living in Malaysia is relatively lower than its neighbouring countries. Good value living is certainly found here.

Making friends, blending in and seeking help

Malaysians are friendly, consisting of a diverse mix of ethnicity; it is easy for a foreigner to blend in.

Easy to apply

Malaysia My Second Home visa is one that consists of minimal red tape and is easy to apply. Successful application rate at Aubella is almost 100%

A multilingual country

Being a melting pot of culture, language is no barrier. English, Chinese, Tamil are widely spoken in Malaysia.


Malaysia is free from earthquakes and other natural disasters. On top of that, the country is also blessed with greeneries, beaches and summer all year round not to mention good air quality. So, outdoor activities are possible any time and any day.