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Huang Shing Bin

MM2H Participant


"I noticed the Malaysian government promoting the Malaysia My Second Home program online so I brought my family here to travel and understand the country better.


We found out that Malaysia is good with no natural disaster. It is most suitable for travel and investment. As such, I decided to join MM2H to retire early.


I bought a property in Penang. I love this place. The lifestyle here and Taiwan is almost the same. Living cost is a lot cheaper than Taiwan. There are a lot of Chinese here. Chinese dialects are widely spoken here. Communication is not a problem,


I'm grateful to Aubella for offering their long term service to me."

Zhuang Lu Yang

MM2H Participant


"When I was considering investment overseas, Malaysia was the first to come into mind.


In terms of language, I can converse and comprehend Mandarin and Hokkien. It is very convenient here.


The environment here is very suitable for children's education.


Very lucky to have found Aubella, a Malaysia My Second Home agent.


Here in Malaysia, I found a lot of investment opportunities."

Max Liu

MM2H Participant


"In 1988, I was an expat in Malaysia in the manufacturing industry and later moved on to China to develop my career.


In the end, I chose to come back to Malaysia to invest in businesses, made profits and I invested in properties.


Now that I retire, I spend my time playing golf or holiday at Genting City of Entertainment.


By participating in the Malaysia My Second Home program, I get to enjoy a 10-year stay in Malaysia with multiple entries.


During this 10-year I can live here for as long as I want. The visa is renewable too. I even enjoyed the benefit of importing a tax-free car."


MM2H Participant


"Our whole family moved to Malaysia for my child's education. I would love my child to pick up various languages such as English, Chinese and Malay. During his high school period, I would love to send him to an international school in Malaysia.


Even though, it's a little to far to think of tertiary education at this stage but I know that there are a lot of pretigious American and British universities in Malaysia.


Because of my children, I need the help of a maid. Under the Malaysia My Second Home program, we are able to bring in domestic helper from our hometown."



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